Day: March 19, 2015

Meet Waldo!!

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Four days ago we were on our way home, and as we pulled into our neighborhood, Hannah yelled, “STOP THE CAR!!!” as she projected her body from the passenger seat and out onto the road. It was only when I watched the direction she was moving her body in at lightening speed as she cussed and waved her arms, that I noticed a seagull and a crow attacking two baby birds. At that point I jumped out too, and the seagull took off flying with one of the babies in her mouth. Hannah reached down and grabbed the other baby before the crow could fly off with it, and she handed be this tiny, frightened featherless little creature.

We are not rookies when it comes to taking care of animals, especially injured ones found on the roadside.  We’ve raised everything from sugar gliders and squirrels, to pot bellied pigs, chameleons, snakes, chinchillas, millipedes and llamas – just to name a few.

Hannah decided his name should be Waldo.  We took him home and cleaned the small wound on his back.  Thankfully, he had just been fed, which gave us time to head to Petco for some baby bird formula.  From experience I know that it is difficult to keep baby birds alive, and I was really worried that given the trauma Waldo had gone through, he would not make it through the first night.  But…here we are four days later, and he has a healthy appetite, he loves to cuddle into my neck and if he hears my voice he starts to chirp.  I think I have child number 12 on my hands!

Tanda Malaika

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FullSizeRenderWe’ve spent so much time trying to come up with a name for our new home.  We’ve heard all the superstitions concerning renaming a boat, but since we aren’t the superstitious type, we are giving her our own name.  Beside, Emma announced to us that she read that if you do rename it, you just have to get a virgin to urinate on your newly named boat, and all ill juju will be washed away.  She, of course, volunteered to do the honors!

We figured that since she’s an African built yacht, she deserves an African name, and the one we have chosen, means “Guardian of the Sea.”  Her name will be Tanda Malaika.  Maybe a little tough for some to pronounce at first, but before you know it, it’ll roll of your tongue beautifully like it does ours.