Day: March 22, 2015

LA Air Show

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Yesterday Danny, the creatures and I went to the LA Air show.  The kids and I had never been to one before, and were thoroughly mesmerized!  We saw a Stearman, that later flew a second time with a wing walker, a P38, P40, P51 and a Yak flying in formation (the P51 was my favorite), a Harrier Jet that could hover for what seemed forever and group of Navy Seals parachuting with the American flag.

DSC_0213DSC_0247 DSC_0233

We also saw this beauty.  The only B29 that is still flying.  It was not as loud as the other jets and seemed so graceful yet powerful up there.

If you’ve never been to an Air show, add it to your bucket list, it’s guaranteed to give you goose bumps and make you feel proud of the many geniuses that brought these impressive machines into existence.