Finally Home!

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Today has been an absolutely amazing day. We are finally home on Tanda Malaika.  As I write this I am snuggled in my  bed under the quilt I made for Danny, with him by my side…it’s a little bit of Heaven.

We flew from Panama City to Bocas. It was interesting to look out the window as we took off from Panama City, to see all the vessels lined up waiting their turn at the canal.  There were hundreds of them.

The airport in Bocas is tiny…


Here’s the baggage claim:


My favorite, were the garbage cans.  Quite genius, I think!



Bocas Town is a fun little town on Isla Colon.  There are brightly painted buildings lining the streets, many small grocery type stores, and places to purchase hammocks, backpacks, bags etc.


Once the water taxi was ready to leave, our mountain of luggage was loaded and we set off for the Red Frog Marina. Along the way we passed by all sorts of structures on stilts in the water.


After our 10 minutes ride we reached the marina and were greeted by Rafael, the security guard, who was full of smiles and welcoming wishes.  He helped up haul our load to Tanda Malaika.


And there she was, sitting pretty in the water, waiting for us – her new family. It was fun to walk through her as Danny showed me everything.  She is beautiful and perfect for our family. There is plenty of room inside as well as top side for everyone to spread out.


On the steps at the stern we noticed a house warming gift from the sea…a squid had made it’s way onto the boat and lay lifeless.  Poor little guy.  We gave him a burial at sea where he was quickly gobbled up by some Snappers.


2 thoughts on “Finally Home!

    linda said:
    April 1, 2015 at 4:28 am

    We just devoured every word, and every picture!! So excited and happy for your new life! Can’t wait to visit (now that you claimed not to have seen any frogs)!


      belindagovatos responded:
      April 1, 2015 at 12:20 pm

      We can’t wait for you and Dad to join us Mom! It is breath taking and so peaceful.


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