Red Frog Marina

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It’s beautiful here, and the especially wonderful part is that I haven’t seen one single frog yet! Perhaps they are afraid of me;)


We met some of our neighbors.  One couple named Steve and Di are from South Africa. He is quite the character, and reminded me of some of my crazy uncles.  Steve is the guy to call if you have mechanical issues you can’t seem to fix.  Di has leukemia and recently completed her second round of treatment. Steve says she’s an excellent cook.

We also met Dan and Lisa, who grew up on a boat in Channel Islands Harbor.  They home school their 9 year old daughter, and asked if I thought Hannah would be interested in making a little money a couple days a week, by tutoring her to give them a break. (though I can’t imagine requiring a break from only 1 child lol) Dan is the marina manager.


The rainforest and mangroves that we are surrounded by are so dense. The sound of birds song is heard constantly and there’s a full, rich smell in the air that hangs thick in the humidity. Danny found a machete in one of the compartments on the boat and got this mischievous twinkle in his eye as he held it up.  Who knows what is to come from him and his adventures into the jungle!


This cool old boat has been converted into a restaurant here in the marina.  We hear the food is jolly good and pretty cheap.  We’ll give it a try one of these days.  We were also told that on the beach, a man sells kabobs for $1.50 that are to die for, also that there’s a shack close by where the best shrimp and fish tacos can be enjoyed.  Looks like we are in for some fine dinning.


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