Day: April 4, 2015

Fruit and Veggie boat

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This morning I was sitting at the table in the main salon (living room area) and I noticed Rafael, the security guard, outside waving his arms at me.  He had come to tell me that the fruit and veggie boat had arrived.


I went out to it and found it to be filled with all sorts of fresh delicious stuff.  Since we are leaving in a couple days I didn’t get much, but bought 2 cucumbers, 4 tomatoes and 4 lilikoi, and it came to $5.  Not bad at all. It looked a lot fresher than the produce in town, so I think that’s where all our fresh goodies will be coming from, from here on out.

After that I went and did laundry. The washer and dryer each cost $1.75, and the dryer really didn’t dry much, so I ame back and hung it all out on the boat to dry.


With the sun being as warm as it is here, everything dried in no time at all.  While that was drying I prepared a yummy lunch for my Sweet Darling.

DSC_0006  DSC_0004

I used the eggs Lisa brought over last night and though you most likely can’t see it very well, I cut holes in his bread in the shape of a heart and cooked his eggs in them. I also cut up fresh pineapple, cucumber and tomato for him. The hot sauce for the eggs was one of Danny’s finds in town.  It’s local and really hot!

Danny took the outboard off the dinghy and flipped the dinghy over onto the dock so I could scrub the bottom while he continues to work on the engine.


It was so loaded with barnacles and tube worms.  I felt bad scraping them off and destroying their little homes, but they create so much drag on the boat. As I was scraping I did get sprayed with a mouth full of all the muck a couple of times and by the time I was done it tasted like I’d just been at an uncooked seafood buffet. As I reached the end it began raining, so I’ll let the rain wash the boat off for a bit then I’ll go out and scrub some more.


Musical Beds!

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Ever since we arrived here, Danny and I have been sleeping in a different room on the boat every night, trying to figure out which room we prefer.  After last night we have decided!! Our room will be the port aft (back left) room.  It has a little more closet space and one extra shelf for books etc.  The marine life quilt I made Danny for Christmas fits perfectly 🙂

The marina is constantly bustling with activity.  Last night our neighbor, Lisa, brought us some eggs, saying she’d over bought at the market.  So sweet. I’ll cook us some for breakfast this morning.

I came outside at one point because I heard a little voice saying, ‘I could really use some help here.’  It was a little boy with bright red hair with a fishing net in hand and he was desperately trying to catch some fish. We didn’t catch any but it was a fun anyway.

At one point Danny missed the dock as he was walking, carrying a kayak, and ended up in the water, clothes, cell phone and all.  His phone is obviously fried, but luckily he had already ordered another from T Mobil, and it’ll hopefully be waiting for him in CA when we get back.  We are switching cell companies. So, if anyone needs to get  hold of us for the next few days, Facetime my phone.

While sitting here writing, I just heard Rhett (the red head) yelling at the top of his lungs, ‘DOLPHIN ALERT, DOLPHIN ALERT, EVERYBODY DOLPHIN ALERT.’  I walked the dock to where he was standing, and there was a dolphin lazily swimming not too far off in the distance.  Just then a baby spotted eagle ray swam passed, followed by about a 4ft long barracuda. Did I mention that I love this place?!


Yesterday when we were in Bocas, we picked up this handy little hand vacuum. We plugged it in to charge and it works like a dream.  Also, I have been searching all over town for a mop so I can swab the decks, and have not been able to find one anywhere.  This morning while looking in one of the huge lockers just forward of the mast, neatly tucked away I found a mop!  Woohoo!!!  Who knew that a little vacuum and a mop could bring one so much joy! The simple pleasures of life.  This place will be shining.

Dead battery

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Danny went to fire up the starboard engine this morning, and it was dead, so he climbed down in and poked around and found that the battery was swollen and hot – ready to explode. So, he removed it from the engine compartment and we took the water taxi into town for a new battery.

Since it’s Good Friday, no one in Bocas is allowed to sell or purchase booze.  Police were everywhere enforcing it, and signs were posted.

DSC_0005 DSC_0006

Danny found a battery and we headed back home to Tanda Malaika. I never get tired of the beautiful scenery.

DSC_0008  DSC_0003 1

Our neighbor, Steve, came over and helped Danny install the new battery, drain the water that was in the diesel, and repair a few other things.

DSC_0014 1

While they were working together, Steve told us how he loves to play the guitar and sing, so we told him about Danny’s music talents too.  The two of them decided to get together and play.

DSC_0018 copy

THEY SOUND SO GOOD!!!!! Before long, the two of them will be playing up at the Castaways Restaurant here at the marina.