Day: April 6, 2015

Panama Canal

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As we flew into Panama City we could see numerous vessels waiting their turn for canal entrance.  The line stretched for miles.


We have a few hours till our next flight so we took a taxi to the canal.  It was fascinating.

DSC_0032  DSC_0033


It was explained to us that when the water levels are raised and lowered to allow vessels to move through, it is all done by gravity.  I joked with Danny and asked,’what happens when they run out of gravity?’ He replied that that’s a good question, that perhaps as a family we should start a “Save Gravity’ campaign. I think we should get t-shirts made up!

DSC_0037  DSC_0038

DSC_0039  DSC_0040

Panama City is huge. It feels weird to be back in ‘civilization’ again. I really quite like the slower pace of Red Frog Marina, and especially the feeling of being closer to earth and Mother Natures pulse.

Life is good, and I am so grateful for another day to experience it.


Leaving Home

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DSC_0022  DSC_0023

It was tough saying good bye to Tanda Malaika this morning. Its amazing how many friendships we’ve begun in these five days, and what absolutely beautiful things we have seen.  Danny and I feel so blessed. There’s Dan, Lisa and Savannah on their boat, Endorfin, who have been so sweet.  Steve and Diana who are our South African buddies and Danny’s guitar partner, DC and Donna who are always eager to help with whatever paperwork etc needs to be done, Rafael and Winston the security guards, Rhett the red head who drops his drawers and pee’s off the dock when ever he feels the need, Charlie in the laundry room who helps visitors with their clothing, Paolo at the fuel dock, Janet and Steve who are a couple of party animals, Jeff, Jessica and Danny who run Castaways…the list goes on, and we feel a sense of family with them all.  People form friendships quickly here, because those that come in to the marina stay a short time then are off again – so there’s no time to be shy.  You just jump right in with your heart, love and learn from those around you, and then watch and see who or what tomorrow brings.

DSC_0024  DSC_0027

The water taxi ride in to Bocas was beautiful in the cool morning air, and a dolphin looked up from below to wish us farewell.

Now we are off to Panama City then LAX to be with the creatures.  It’s going to be wonderful to see them all and share with them our adventures.

A star is born (again)

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This evening was so beautiful.  The clouds were thick and full and hung like paintings in the sky.


Just after sunset, Steve and Danny made their way to Castaways Restaurant to sing and play.  It was fun watching them work their way down the dock in the marina. Another marina resident also ended up joining them.



At first the place was fairly empty, but as people started hearing them, they flocked in!  Everyone loved it, and kept asking for more.  Just as soon as they were done, they’d say, ‘just one more…’  Danny’s poor fingers are so sore from playing, but he had a great time.


Afterward people applauded them.  I have no doubt that they will be playing together many more times in the future.