And, he’s off!

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We arrived home at about 1:30am, and Danny was very frustrated because his new phone from T-Mobil was not here. We finally went to sleep and woke first thing to tackle the problem and pack for his 10-12 day work trip to China. After calling UPS, and asking a friend of ours that works for UPS to help us, we reached the conclusion that the phone was delivered to the wrong address and of course denied by the residents.  After packing we began our trip to LAX and on the way talked with T-Mobil for the entire 90 mins. Finally, we sorted it all out, Danny got a loner phone from T-Mobil and I dropped him off at the airport so he could commercial to Hong Kong.

One of my favorite things to do while helping Danny pack, is to hide special treats and notes among his clothes. Danny’s favorite treats are lollipops.  I finally ordered a 120 pack of his favorite, ‘Gourmet Lollipops’ from Amazon, which I’ll keep hidden and slowly bring out an surprise him.

It has been wonderful to see the creatures, especially our sweet son, Hunter, who has now moved here from Hawaii.

Now the fast paced busy time will begin as we pack this place up so we can get back to Tanda Malaika. It’s time to find boxes.

Neither Danny nor I slept very well last night, as we woke often feeling the soothing movement of the boat then realized it wasn’t really there. Maybe I’ll sleep on Hannah’s boat with her while Danny is gone 🙂


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