Love my Creatures

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I really love my creatures.  All 11 of them are just perfect and I love, love, love spending time with them. They keep me laughing so hard. Last night the creatures and I grabbed dinner at Burrito de Mexico, the absolute best Mexican food around! After that we made a quick trip to Target.


Going anywhere with these guys in an adventure.  I’ve started purchasing odds and ends we will need on the boat, like electrical tape, zip ties, extra bulbs, duct tape, etc etc.

Today will be a fun day as we begin to tackle the packing up of the house. Our first orders of business are Aidan and Mycah’s doctors appointments, then we’ll go box hunting.

Two of my main priorities today, are getting Jonathan a social security number so I can get his passport paperwork done, and also finding a live aboard slip for Hannah’s sailboat, Time Out, which is where Hunter will be living.

My Darling called and he landed safely in Hong Kong, after about 15 hours of travel.  He’s all tucked into bed and ready for a good sleep.

Life is good, and I am excited to embrace the day with whirlwind speed.


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