Day: April 10, 2015

1st Wedding Anniversary!

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I always knew that somewhere out beyond the shoreline, I would find my handsome Prince. I was right. But what I didn’t know was that he would not be the man of my dreams, but far beyond them.

I told Danny the other day that he is doing such a beautiful job at being a man. My man.  He never stops being all the sweet and and tender things, like loving, compassionate and thoughtful, as well as strong and wise and protective.

This has been a year of great adventure, learning and loving, and the wonderful thing is that I know this party is just barely getting started.  I am so excited about life with you Danny.  Thank you for being my Sweetheart. I have loved you Forever. Happy Wedding Anniversary!


Successful Day

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We were able to accomplish quite a bit today.  I picked up a few more odds and ends at Lowes that we’ll need on the boat, like clamps, weather stripping and carabiners. I also stopped at JoAnn Fabrics and bought materials to make more of the pony tail holders the girls like.


They sell in the store for $2 a piece and we make them for 50c a piece.  We now have a good stash for the boat.

I also bought fabric, cord and fasteners to sew draw string bags for the creatures to put their toiletries in for when we are in the marina and walking back and forth between the restrooms and the boat.


I figured this way they will keep all their things in one place, which will help with organization on board. Living in a smaller area will require us to be even more organized.  Everything will have it’s special place.

My sweet friend, Kimberly, called today saying she had her car full of boxes for us.  She came over and we unloaded them into the garage.  What an Angel she is.  Thank you again my friend!

I am so grateful for a wonderful family and the sweetest of friends.  I have been so blessed.

The really big accomplishment of the day was that we found a slip for Hunter to live in on Hannah’s boat.  It is here in Ventura Marina.  He’ll have access to so many awesome amenities and a beautiful marina. He is really grateful and excited.  Hannah is excited too, because it means she doesn’t have to sell her boat.

Life is good.