Update on Waldo

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With our move to Panama coming up, I decided that I needed to find a new home for Waldo. I am not allowed to take him with, and even if I was, I’m afraid he wouldn’t survive there due to predators he wouldn’t be familiar with etc. As much as it broke my heart to part with my little feathered baby, I knew it would be best for him.

I called many places and came up empty handed, and then finally someone mentioned someone who knew someone who hand heard of someone and that someone had heard of some place that someone told them about….I called them and they said to bring him in. It was the Santa Barbara wildlife rehabilitation center. So Waldo and I made a road trip and he sat snuggled into my neck the entire time.

When we arrived, many workers were busily hurrying about and a lady with a big smile approached me and when she saw Waldo she was very surprised that he was so mellow, and so healthy.  She told me that it’s very rare that someone can keep a bird that young alive, for that long. I told her it’s because of all the love in our home.

She took Waldo after I kissed him goodbye and told me that he will be put in with other pigeons his same age, that they’d be raised as a flock and then set free as a flock.

So that’s the end of the Waldo Chapter in our family book of adventures. We hope that he lives a long happy life filled with beautiful female pigeons and great pigeon food!


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