Packing with a side order of goofing off!

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We have been working hard getting things packed up and organized. Our days are filled with errands, driving kids to where they need to be and packing. Danny and I speak for a few minutes each morning and night – right when I’m going to bed he’s waking up and then when I wake, he’s half asleep in bed.  I’ll be glad when he finally gets home this weekend.


We were invited to a delicious meal at some friends house on Sunday. He is Hawaiian and cooked tri tip, all sorts of chicken, BBQ ribs, sausage, rice and a delicious salad.  It was so amazing!

In between the boxes the creatures are constantly teasing, laughing and…..leg wrestling!

IMG_6223   IMG_6225

Mycah gave Hunter a run for his money!

Here’s a video of Emma attempting to flip pancakes! I’ve not posted a video on here before so I hope it works.

This video doesn’t exist

I love these creatures so much and appreciate their humor and good attitude. Today after we work for a while we are going to take Time Out for a sail.  Her name is quite appropriate at his point!


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