Things are getting real…

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It’s been another busy day, and productive in so many areas.  It started with Aidan’s appointment for his EEG.

IMG_6245   IMG_6244

He had 23 blobs of gunk stuck to his head and then lay there comfortably while they flashed all sorts of bright strobe lights at him. Their goal was to see if he has a tendency toward seizures. He passed out for a little while a couple weeks ago and because of my history we needed to make sure he wasn’t headed in the same direction.  So far everything looks like he’s as healthy as he is cute…so that’s pretty darn healthy! The technician told Aidan that the whale bugger stuff they glued the probes to his head with, is water soluble, but after his shower he has decided that she was WAY OFF!! He still feels like he’s been sneezed on.

This evening a gentleman came and purchased all but one of our twin mattresses.  Now that creatures will be sleeping draped over couches and in Hannah’s boat, things are starting to really feel real.  It’s camping at home time and we have LOTS of fun with that.  The emptier the house, the more room there is for some awesome games of hide and go seek or Ghost in the darkness!

My sweet brother surprised me today, he’s going to be in LA at 8:30am tomorrow for me to pick up!


I am so excited to see him. He will be buying our Harley from us and will ride it back to Utah. Life is good.


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