Day: April 18, 2015

Idaho time

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This is my favorite photo of my Darling Dad.

We arrived here at 5 this morning. My sweet Mom met us at the door and we held each other for some time. I then walked into my parents room where my Dad was asleep.  I lay next to him, kissed his face, stroked his head and sobbed for a while without letting him hear me.  He has lost so much weight and seemed so tiny compared to the 6’4″ gentle giant that I am so used to. I am so grateful that we are able to be here with them.


The kids camped out all over the floor, and this morning we all gathered around Oupa (grandpa in Afrikaans) and Ouma (grandma) in the living room.

IMG_6270  IMG_6269

Oupa showed us all a diagram of where his cancerous tumor is.  It’s right on the pancreas and has been constricting his ducts which is why he’s yellow and itchy.  We will hopefully know more  on Monday afternoon.

Our niece, Miriam, and her new husband, Dan, has stopped by. It is so good to see them.

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Heartbreaking news

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The past couple days are a blur. I picked up my sweet brother in LA yesterday morning to bring him to Oxnard so he could stay for a day then ride the Harley back to Utah. Yesterday morning my Dad went to the hospital for some tests because he has lost a lot of weight this month and his skin is yellow and itchy. (He had normal results from blood work about 5 weeks ago) My sister called midday to tell us that my Dad has cancer. I am so devastated. He has always filled the role of Patriarch so beautifully in our family.  The God Father in our lives. The one to go to for sound advice.  I love him so much. My brother jumped on the bike and immediately headed for Idaho.

Danny landed at LAX this morning after a 12 hour flight, and I picked him up, brought him home where he tried to sleep for a couple hours but failed, and now 6 of the creatures and him and I are driving the 14 hours to Idaho.

IMG_6253   IMG_6252

So far we have all studied for Mycah’s States and Capitals test, played 20 questions, engaged in deep discussion, and laughed at each others goofiness. The scenery has been beautiful.

IMG_6261  IMG_6257

We stopped at gag in a bag for dinner and now have about 5 1/2 hours left to go.  We should arrive at about 3:30am. Danny also spent several hours on the phone with T Mobile, which amounted to a whole lot of absolutely nothing. (My advice is to avoid their service)

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I am so grateful for a vehicle that runs well, the freedom to travel as we please, and a loving family to share lifes adventures with…even the heart breaking ones.