Day: April 20, 2015

Leaving Idaho

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Today we are heading back to California. Our trip to Idaho will be one I will hold tightly in the deepest and most sacred part of my heart. I love my family, all of them from the tiniest little great niece to the oldest and wisest of them all.  At times over these past few days I cried with a broken heart, and at times I laughed till my sides hurt at the hilarious humor that flowed freely through the house.

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Many people stopped by over the weekend, and even though my Dad was in pain and my Mom was exhausted, they met everyone with a warm smile and embrace.

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It was so fun to see all the cousins catching up.   Wrestling on the back lawn, playing games, singing and playing the guitar together.  It was so wonderful.

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We enjoyed some great South African cooking, as Ouma taught her grandkids how to cook.

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This morning we found out that for sure our sweet Dad does have pancreatic cancer.

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He has an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow at 5pm, where he will find out more.  What ever this battle brings, there’s one thing for sure…our family will get through it together with love, much prayer, and eternal gratitude for having such an incredible Patriarch to our family.

FullSizeRender  We love you forever our sweet Dad and Mom.