Day: April 23, 2015


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Long ago and far away in Africa, before people really bothered to keep track of time, my beautiful mother and handsome father decided to tie the knot. She was a beauty queen and he was tall dark and handsome…somethings never change.

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My brother, sister and I are the luckiest kids alive.  We grew up chasing ostriches across the desert and digging up semi precious stones in South West Africa, watching baboons try pull our windshield wipers off our car in Cape Town, and camp where lions walk and hyena laugh.


Our family is Eternal, and we will always have those priceless memories to continue to enjoy and share. We can sit and talk for hours, just as our original family of 5, and better yet…..


look at us now! (and we are even missing a few here!)

Thank you Mommy and Daddy for raising us with love and patience.  And thank you for encouraging us to be adventurous and spontaneous. For showing us beauty beyond words. Our journey has been wonderful so far, and will no doubt continue to be, for the rest of forever.