Day: April 26, 2015

Wonderful memories

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One of my fondest childhood memories, is of my Dad coming home with a huge box of prickly pears, and all of us gathering around with a fork and sharp knife in hand and peeling them all. We’d end up with a huge bowl of peeled prickly pears for the fridge.  There is nothing like chilled fresh juicy delicious prickly pears! We have become quite skilled in the art of peeling them without ending up with a single thorn in our hands, and I have taught many of my children this same skill. Yesterday in downtown Ventura, I saw a cactus with these growing on them.  Aside from being delicious, I think they are so beautiful!


The twins have been working SO hard on their school work, trying to get every assignment for the entire school year completed and handed in. School isn’t over till beginning of June, but since we are leaving this week, they wanted to be able to hand everything in to their teacher that has been overseeing their home school work.  Mrs Gwen has been such a wonderful teacher.  Aidan and Emma love her. I have no doubt that her and her beautiful family will come join us on our yacht in Panama for a while, so we can explore together and continue to enjoy the great friendship that we have formed. Thank you for being so awesome Gwen!

From now till June, the twins will be continuing to read many books and present book reports on them to Hannah and I. Thank you to our sweet Hannah for helping the midgets through this school year.  You’re an Angel, of that I’m sure!


Need some Time Out?

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Hannah is selling her beautiful 27′ Catalina.  She’s a beauty, is so easy to sail and sails like a dream. Built in 1971 and still in excellent shape with a brand spanking new diesel engine replacement. Rather than just a tiller, she has a helm too, which makes sailing even more fun!

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She comes with many sails, a BBQ on the back, a cook top and sink, flushing toilet and lots of storage space.

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Hannah has removed and restained all the wood on Time Out and scrubbed every square inch of her.

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We’ve been out in her in some pretty rough seas and she’s solid and steady.  It’s hard for us to part with her.

Hannah is asking $7200 OBO