Another productive day

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IMG_6344  IMG_6345

We got so much done today.  It most definitely was not a day of rest like our Sundays usually are! We are on the final count down now and had to work hard. Four of Mycah’s friends came over to help and they worked their little tails off too. Several more items got sold, several went to storage and everybody ate random things out of the pantry all day long. We even checked to see if we could possibly squeeze in a stow away!

FullSizeRender     FullSizeRender

I went into Mycah’s room at one point to find her and her friends all pretending to sleep lol.


Things are looking pretty empty at this point….


I grabbed who knows what out of the freezer and pantry and whipped up some dinner.  We’ll be having weird meals from here on out…tonight’s was a coconut shrimp over rice, and now I’m ready to snuggle up with my Darling, watch some netflix and get some much needed beauty sleep!



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