Last night on Monaco Drive

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Today was wild and crazy.  It began with running creatures to school, then errands and sorting, packing and cleaning. Hannah, Danny and the twins moved Time Out to her new slip in a marina in Ventura Harbor.

IMG_6362   IMG_6364

The giant pickle went along for the ride too. It made me tear up seeing her leave this dock that has been her home for all this time, but she looks pretty all tucked away in her new home.  We will keep her listed for sale but if she doesn’t sell, we’ll just have to come back and sail her here sometime!

The creatures have been so amazing with their happy attitudes and helpfulness.  Every time I look around I see one of them cleaning something or organizing something else – without being asked. We truly have the greatest kids in the world.

Yesterday Hunter reached over me and pulled a couple things down from a high shelf where I couldn’t reach or see.  I said to him that it’s crazy, he can see things in life I’ll never see way up there.  His reply was, ‘It’s okay Mum, you get to see the bubble gum under the bleachers that I don’t get to see.’  What a funny kid. I don’t consider myself myself short till I’m around my creatures.

Tonight Mycah made dinner and we went down and ate together on the dock.  It seemed so naked down there without the boat, for our last meal in our back yard.


Now I lie completely exhausted.  The anesthesia on Thursday morning is going to feel so good! Even though I’ve showered, my hands still smell like clorox and my back and feet are pounding.  But, we got so much done and sweet friends kept stopping by unexpectedly to give hugs and say farewell through the evening. We feel loved and we love deeply.  Life is good.


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    jan said:
    April 30, 2015 at 3:04 am

    Just sending you energy and best wishes for the next chapter of all your dreams!

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