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I think today must have had more than 24 hours in it. It felt SO long. We packed and cleaned and scrubbed and ran errands and cleaned some more. Our bedroom looked quite sterile with all our stuff out of it, and the living room looked beautifully clean yet rather lonely.

IMG_6370     IMG_6369

Once again we left our home cleaner than we found it, and we have so many wonderful memories to take with us. We feel grateful to have lived in such a beautiful place with wonderful friends close by.

Speaking of wonderful friends, our dear friends, the Walea family, stopped by just as we were about to load up the truck, trailer and car.  It also happened to be right about the time that Danny and the creatures and I were feeling especially exhausted and overwhelmed. Our sweet friends took the time to help us with what seemed like an impossible task, and we did it in a fraction of the time that we would have, had they not been there!

IMG_6371    IMG_6372  IMG_6374

Thank you so much for all your love and help Walea Family. We are going to miss you!

After all that, we all went and tucked Time Out in.  She is all comfy in her new slip in the marina, and we pray she will continue to be safe.  What a great little sailboat!

The creatures hit the road and are headed for Nipomo, to Mom and Dad, and Danny and I came to Santa Barbara, where we will spend the night and then rise and shine bright and early to get to the hospital by 6am for my surgery. Today my Mom called and told me she will be having rotator cuff surgery done on May 5th, and on the 15th my Dad will have his stint replaced. The three of us will be quite the trio. My Mom and I in left arm slings and my Dad laid up. I’m sure we will have some laughs.


The sky was gorgeous as we drove tonight. I am so grateful for such a beautiful world.



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