Day: May 4, 2015

Everyone is safe

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I received a phone call from the creatures last night saying they had just gotten done fixing a flat tire on the BMW, and were on their way again. They finally got to Idaho at about 3am.

I finally heard from the Panama crew and they are on Tanda Malaika now.  Hannah sent me some pics of their trip:


They had so much luggage that they got stuck in doorways and in the elevator at the hotel in Costa Rica.

FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender

Their flight from there to Bocas in Panama was obviously on a pretty empty puddle jumper. When Danny and I flew, we went form LAX to Panama City and then Panama City to Bocas.  This time around Danny decided to try LAX to Costa Rica and then on to Bocas.  The fare was a little less but they had to pay more for luggage this way.  Good info to know for future trips.

Once arriving at Red Frog Beach, Hannah and Danny went to Punta Lava Restaurant and met with some friends we had made when we were there previously. Hannah enjoyed the beautiful beach.


The boat was in good shape when they arrived. A little stuffy inside but all aired out now.  Engines started right up and all is well. Tomorrow they will start provisioning for their trip to Tampa. They met some other cruisers that had just come in from Jamaica and they said it was a fantastic sail.  Also, there is another boat leaving for Tampa later on in the week. You’re never alone out there on the big blue – cruisers are coming and going and they are for the most part, all such friendly folk.

Aidan and I have had a lazy day, though I feel like I am pacing back and forth in my mind. After two months of solid packing and preparing it’s tough sitting still for a couple of days.  Our sweet neighbor, Mike, helped us return the uHaul trailer. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some answers on what kind of time frame we are looking at on the truck’s repairs.