Happy Creatures

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The creatures were so happy to be reunited today. When school ended at 4pm we walked and met Jonathan and Mycah and smothered them in hugs and kisses. It makes me so happy to watch them interact and love each other. We can’t wait for Kjira to get here on the 14th.


We sat in a little circle outside for a long time and laughed and conversed together. Jonathan and Mycah seem to be pretty popular at school and have made good friends already. Mycah said on the first day they were closely observed and she felt a little like a monkey in a cage.  They are known as the Hawaii kids, and when they asked Mycah if she played any sports and she said water polo, they asked if that was the horseback and a stick sport:)

Danny and Hannah (Jude) are doing beautifully.  They send me satellite updates all through the day so I can watch their progress. Our satellite system that Danny installed is called Iridium Go, and so far it’s a great success. They lost all wind and have been motoring for several hours and plan on making landfall tomorrow night at Isla de Providencia.  It is a little island lying midway between Costa Rica and Jamaica. The infamous pirate, Henry Moragn, used Providencia as a base for raiding the Spanish empire, and rumours suggest that much of his treasure remains hidden on the island.


Here’s an image of their location and then a zoomed out pic of the same location.


By now they are past Costa Rica and farther in toward Jamaica. For dinner Hannah cooked up rice and they are eating black bean and rice burritos. Tanda Malaika is doing so beautifully and moves through the water like a dream. They will be taking 3 hour shifts all through the night.

It has been wonderful to be with my sweet Mom and Dad.

IMG_6545   IMG_6546

My Mom is still pretty drugged up to keep her pain level down from her rotator cuff surgery, and my Dad is so sweet to her, taking care of her every need. He is in good spirits and is as handsome as ever. What an amazing example they are of what it means to love completely and unconditionally.  I love the way they love each other.

Only now, 12 hours later, am I finally starting to come back into orbit from drinking those darn energy drinks. I am going to sleep so well tonight.


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