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This morning we went to the funeral home and met with the funeral director. We discussed everything from the death certificate to cemetery plots and tomb stones, the funeral process, vaults and caskets. I did ok with it all until we went into the room with all the caskets. I just can’t imagine either of my parents in one of those. I guess I have to focus on the fact that it isn’t them that’s there, it’s just their worn out bodies, and they are very much alive.

This evening we went to my sister’s ex husbands home to celebrate one of the kids birthdays. A stormy sky stretched across the horizon and a good Idaho wind blew over the valley. It was beautiful.



We all gathered around and shared a meal and birthday cake together, and afterward we stopped and visited my sweet niece and nephew who just had a baby. What a perfect little creature!

IMG_6705   IMG_6709

Her big sister Josie, is adorable too!

IMG_6706  IMG_6710  IMG_6712

The Panama crew are doing well. Because of the continued gale force winds, we have decided to change plans. They will no longer sail to Florida but will instead return to Panama when weather permits.  We will provision in Florida in November after hurricane season, if needed.

Jude and Danny joined the other cruisers at anchorage for an adventure today. The photos look beautiful and are deceiving because it appears that the weather is just fine, but down on the water is is pretty gnarly!

IMG_6727 IMG_6720 IMG_6726 IMG_6719

IMG_6728 IMG_6724 IMG_6723 IMG_6722

IMG_6725  IMG_6721

IMG_6716 IMG_6715 IMG_6714

I am so grateful that they are enjoying their time there, exploring, working, learning and relaxing together.


2 thoughts on “Changes

    Elayne said:
    May 13, 2015 at 7:41 pm

    Good Call……..see ya in Panama this fall!!!


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