Day: May 16, 2015

Successful surgery

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Our day was spent up at the hospital. My sweet Dad got checked in and waited an hour and a half longer than expected to have his surgery , because they were backed up in radiology, and then had to be in recovery for 2 hours longer than expected because his heart rate was 38, which is the exact same as mine before my pacemaker was installed.

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My brother (Jan), drew a picture on the whiteboard in his room.

While he was in getting operated on, Jan and I drove over to the BMW dealership to show them my ID and registration so they could order me a new BMW key.


It is so ridiculous how expensive a key can be! It should be here on Monday or Tuesday. We all know what’s going to happen now….we’ll find the keys.

I drove my sweet Momma to her post op doctors appointment. They removed the stitches from her shoulder, and all looks well. Her physical therapy begins in about 3 weeks.

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Hunter and Mycah drove to SLC and picked Kjira up.  It is so good to have her here with us. At one point I felt I needed to text the creatures while they were driving back here from SLC, to see how the trip was going.  Mycah texted back and said all was just fine.  I asked where they were -what mile marker had they just passed. She responded saying they had just passed mile marker 262. I read it aloud and my Dad and brother both said, wait a second, they are going to Boise, not Idaho Falls! They had missed the turn off at Tremonton that brings you this way, and instead went that way!  The wrong way. Jan set them right on the phone and after adding 2 hours to their trip, they arrived here safely. Funny Kids.


We did find a family favorite that we haven’t seen for many years. Tim’s Dill pickle Chips!  They are SO delicious.  Give em a try some time.  They are the kind of chips that you have to peel the bag open when you’re done so you can lick the bag clean!!!

Danny and Jude are doing well.  They are fully provisioned and ready to sail tomorrow, if the weather window continues to look good in the morning.  Their goal is to sail the 32 hours to Shelter Bay, which is by Colon. The boat will be hauled out there and new bottom paint will be applied. They sent some gorgeous photos of Tanda Malaika…

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I am relieved to have today over.  I was so worried about my Dad’s surgery since he seems a little weaker every day.

I am grateful for an incredibly amazing husband, who even though is 1000’s of miles away in the middle of the ocean, has a way of being able to help me feel loved and comforted by him, as if he were right here with his arms around me. I am the luckiest woman ever!