Time to rest

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Today has been a busy traveling and preparing day for everyone. I arrived in Oxnard,CA and am here with our wonderful friends, the Waleas, Danny and Hannah are at the hotel by the airport in Panama City, and the rest of the creatures are in Idaho Falls with my sweet Mom and Dad.

It took Danny 6 hours to get all the paperwork done in Shelter Bay. Hannah scrubbed the inside of the boat and Danny scrubbed the outside and now she’s all snug as a bug in the marina, waiting for all of us to come board her.  That will be an exciting day in the not too distant future.

By tomorrow evening this time, Hannah will be in Idaho Falls with her siblings and Danny and I will be back in our favorite place. Anywhere together!

Now, it’s time for us all to rest…till tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Time to rest

    bernadinenel said:
    May 21, 2015 at 4:16 am

    We’ll deserved Rest!


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