Dad’s 1 month Oncology Appointment

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This morning we did a few things around the house, then went into town for my Dad’s appointment with the cancer doc. It’s his first 1 month follow up since diagnosis. The unrealistic yet hopeful part of me wanted to hear that the cancer had miraculously disappeared. The realistic part of me braced myself for an update of how it’s progressed. The doctor said that the cancer has grown rapidly and is spread even more through his pancreas, into several more nodes and into his small intestine. His prognosis is 2-4 months but if the cancer forms a blockage in the small intestine, then he will pass away quickly. After the appointment, my sweet Dad came out full of smiles and standing tall, then mounted his Harley and rode the 30 minute ride back to Firth.


He is so strong.

Once at the house Danny broke out his drone, and both he and my Dad flew it around for a while. What a blast and a half to watch them like two little boys.

IMG_7006    IMG_7007    IMG_7010 IMG_7011

Where ever my parents are, the creatures gather around. Loving their company and humor and sweet spirits. My Dad has decided to cook prime rib for the whole family on Sunday, and we dug up some horseradish so we can make some fresh horseradish sauce for the feast.


My Darling Danny and I went on a date tonight, to go see Mad Max in 3D.


It was an action packed jolly good show. When we made that giant step up into our excursion afterward, I couldn’t help but feel like I was climbing up into one of those monster truck contraptions in the movie!!


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