Month: May 2015

Time to rest

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Today has been a busy traveling and preparing day for everyone. I arrived in Oxnard,CA and am here with our wonderful friends, the Waleas, Danny and Hannah are at the hotel by the airport in Panama City, and the rest of the creatures are in Idaho Falls with my sweet Mom and Dad.

It took Danny 6 hours to get all the paperwork done in Shelter Bay. Hannah scrubbed the inside of the boat and Danny scrubbed the outside and now she’s all snug as a bug in the marina, waiting for all of us to come board her.  That will be an exciting day in the not too distant future.

By tomorrow evening this time, Hannah will be in Idaho Falls with her siblings and Danny and I will be back in our favorite place. Anywhere together!

Now, it’s time for us all to rest…till tomorrow.

Tickets are booked!

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Danny and Hannah made it safely to Colon, where we will leave the boat for a week or two. At 1am Danny sent me a photo from the screen he was navigating on and it showed (7) 1000ft ships ahead, among others. It’s a bust place with boats of all sizes waiting their turn to go through the canal. Air tickets are booked for them to fly here to the mainland, and all is well.

Today I’ll make my way to CA, take care of some business, and then pick Danny up tomorrow evening.  I am beyond excited to see him.  Any time away from him is WAY too long!

Beautiful drive to Vegas

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This morning Danny and Hannah had about 100 miles to go.


The weather through the night was kind to them with pleasant winds and 2 meter swells. Later in the day swells reached 4 meters (12ft).

At this point they have 4 – 5 hours of sailing time left before reaching Shelter Bay in Colon.

My drive went really well today. It rained hard for a few hours, which I absolutely loved. I love the way colors and smells become more intense when it rains.

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I was so taken by the beautiful cloud formations and gorgeous landscape. We live in an incredibly beautiful world!

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Several times along the way I had to stop and take pictures…

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I stopped in St George and visited with our good friends, Chad and Marci Nell.  It’s been 3 years since we’ve seen each other, but it felt like we hadn’t skipped a beat in each others lives. What wonderful people.


Now I am here in Vegas at my beautiful sister, Christy’s house, and will get a good nights sleep.  I am so grateful for many things…a vehicle that works well, loving friends and family, a free country where I can safely travel and the fact that I get to see my sweet Darling and Hannah very soon.

Raise the sails!

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I took my Mom to the cardio doc this morning. All is well. They want to do an ultrasound on her heart just to make sure that everything is structurally sound.

The creatures reassembled Kjira’s bike today. She brought it in a box on the airplane, and between her and her brothers efforts, it’s about ready to ride again.


The Panama crew were finally able to leave Isla de Providencia. After Danny got all cruising permit paperwork completed on the island, they set sail. Both of them were relieved to finally raise the sails and begin their journey.


Shortly after setting sail, Danny told me that they were in 10 ft swells, 15 knots of wind, and they were making 8 knots.

IMG_6866   IMG_6867 IMG_6868

After a few hours of sailing I received an updated satellite image of their location.


They are doing beautifully and seem to be making good time. If they lose their wind, they may only be able to fly out on Thursday. I plan on beginning my solo drive to LA in the morning just in case.

My sweet Dad is doing well and looking so good this evening. He is so thoughtful – after realizing that us islanders are freezing here in Idaho, he came home with extra blankets today. It is so typical of my parents…always thinking of everyone but themselves. I love them so much.

Beautiful Sabbath

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It rained again last night, so when I walked to church this morning, I was surrounded by the most beautiful flowers covered in raindrops. I just had to stop and take photos. Birds were singing, the sky was an intense blue contrasted against bright white clouds. What an absolutely gorgeous display of color, texture and aroma!


The creatures and I were invited to lunch by our wonderful friends, the Keck Family.  They are some of our most favorite people. We enjoyed a delicious meal and caught up on our adventures, and talked about all sorts of amazing adventures to come. We all spoke with Hannah on FaceTime for a long time while we were there, which was such a treat.

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The scenery on the drive was so beautiful. I love cloud formations and they were breathtaking.

When we got home I called my Sweetheart, and as usual it was wonderful to hear his voice. As of right now (and this can change any second), the plan is that he and Jude will begin their sail to Shelter Bay tomorrow morning. They are meeting with the man in charge of ‘discharge’ paperwork at 9am, and then will set sail. They hope to reach Shelter Bay by Tuesday evening, and then will fly out of Panama City on Wednesday. Jude will fly here to Idaho Falls, and Danny will fly to LA, where I will pick him up in the rental car.  We’ll drive to where the truck is and pick up all our nonsense at Mom and Dad’s, and drive back here to Idaho Falls for a few days before driving to Florida, then fly to the boat in Panama.

Danny worked really hard on the engines today. He found that the alternator had been hooked up wrong, and the wires were melted and ready to catch on fire. Using his ninja skills he rewired the whole thing and solved the problem. He’s not only handsome, but also genius 🙂  Hannah has worked so hard, cleaning the boat so that when her siblings step on board, they have a beautiful clean boat to enjoy. She’s such a thoughtful Angel.

Tomorrow morning I will take my sweet Momma to her cardiology appointment. I hope and pray they find everything healthy there.

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Frustrated…but trying to be patient

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I’ve needed to sit myself down and give myself a good talking to this evening. I’ve been feeling frustrated because I’m trying to take care of so many things, and getting one item on the unending list done, is completely dependent on other things on the list, but everything is so up in the air about everything else, so I lie awake all night trying to organize my thoughts and come up with a plan, realizing it’s pointless, but I do it anyway only to find that last nights plan won’t work. I’m sure everyone reading this can relate because we’ve all felt it.

I will force myself to remain focused on what’s most important.

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It rained all night last night and some through the day, and it’s raining right now again. The temperature didn’t go over 48, which is freaking cold. Kjira slept in clothing that she could have worn to the ski hill and would have been warm enough. I feel like my body is in shock!

I baked 6 loaves of bread and that helped a bit to warm me up.

IMG_6821   IMG_6827

Since it’s cold outside the creatures sat inside and played all sorts of games together. I love these kids so much.

IMG_6831   IMG_6830    IMG_6829 IMG_6809  IMG_6834 IMG_6833 IMG_6836 IMG_6835

While we have been freezing here, Danny and Jude are loving life still anchored at a beautiful island in the Caribbean. They keep saying the wind is insane and making it impossible to leave, but their photos look calm and peaceful.  I think they may have decided to just enjoy the peace and quiet and will from here on out just be known as our absentee family members who live on a sailboat someplace. Today aside from beach time and afternoon naps, they went with a group looking for migrating crabs. They saw a couple hundred.


Kjira ran into a gas station wearing her hat that says ‘I’m really a mermaid,’ and as I was pumping gas, a young man drove his car close to me and motioned toward where Kjira was, and said, ‘your friend is really cute.’ While in the store, Kjira was asked where her tail was. She told the guy she left it in Hawaii, and when he asked her why, she said, ‘well, do you see an ocean around this place?’ They guy was amazed that she really was from Hawaii and asked if he could see her Hawaii ID. He ooh’d and aah’d for a while. She’s quite the celebrity in these here parts!

I thought I found my first grey hair tonight, only to have Mycah inform me that it was just the way the light was hitting it.  I am so disappointed.

I will lay my body down now, and think of a plan for this week, for driving the rental car back to CA, picking up the truck and driving back here to Idaho, as well as  picking up the new BMW key and driving it to Pocatello to show  it to a gentleman who’s interested  in it… all while listening to the falling rain and thinking of my absentee family in the Caribbean.

Thank goodness that tomorrow is a new day 🙂

Successful surgery

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Our day was spent up at the hospital. My sweet Dad got checked in and waited an hour and a half longer than expected to have his surgery , because they were backed up in radiology, and then had to be in recovery for 2 hours longer than expected because his heart rate was 38, which is the exact same as mine before my pacemaker was installed.

IMG_6776  IMG_6777  FullSizeRender

My brother (Jan), drew a picture on the whiteboard in his room.

While he was in getting operated on, Jan and I drove over to the BMW dealership to show them my ID and registration so they could order me a new BMW key.


It is so ridiculous how expensive a key can be! It should be here on Monday or Tuesday. We all know what’s going to happen now….we’ll find the keys.

I drove my sweet Momma to her post op doctors appointment. They removed the stitches from her shoulder, and all looks well. Her physical therapy begins in about 3 weeks.

IMG_6783 IMG_6786

Hunter and Mycah drove to SLC and picked Kjira up.  It is so good to have her here with us. At one point I felt I needed to text the creatures while they were driving back here from SLC, to see how the trip was going.  Mycah texted back and said all was just fine.  I asked where they were -what mile marker had they just passed. She responded saying they had just passed mile marker 262. I read it aloud and my Dad and brother both said, wait a second, they are going to Boise, not Idaho Falls! They had missed the turn off at Tremonton that brings you this way, and instead went that way!  The wrong way. Jan set them right on the phone and after adding 2 hours to their trip, they arrived here safely. Funny Kids.


We did find a family favorite that we haven’t seen for many years. Tim’s Dill pickle Chips!  They are SO delicious.  Give em a try some time.  They are the kind of chips that you have to peel the bag open when you’re done so you can lick the bag clean!!!

Danny and Jude are doing well.  They are fully provisioned and ready to sail tomorrow, if the weather window continues to look good in the morning.  Their goal is to sail the 32 hours to Shelter Bay, which is by Colon. The boat will be hauled out there and new bottom paint will be applied. They sent some gorgeous photos of Tanda Malaika…

IMG_6795   IMG_6794 IMG_6793   IMG_6792

I am relieved to have today over.  I was so worried about my Dad’s surgery since he seems a little weaker every day.

I am grateful for an incredibly amazing husband, who even though is 1000’s of miles away in the middle of the ocean, has a way of being able to help me feel loved and comforted by him, as if he were right here with his arms around me. I am the luckiest woman ever!