Month: May 2015

Quiet day

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For most in the family, today began around 6:30am, as creatures and things were loaded into the cars. Danny and Hannah left for LAX to begin their journey toward Tanda Malaika, and the rest of the creatures (excluding Aidan), set out for a long long drive to Idaho…infact they are still driving…

Aidan and I went for about a 4 mile walk. He rode his skateboard and I strolled along admiring the beautiful flowers and insects.

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We live in such an incredibly beautiful world, if we’d just take the time to stop and listen to the sounds of nature and notice her beauties, we’d be able to feel peace more freely. I am so grateful for good eyesight.

Later on this evening Aidan and I went on a date to the Avengers movie.  It was a jolly good show.

Now we will all get some rest and pray that everyone will continue safe in their travels.  Tomorrow morning, Mom and Dad will begin their trip too, and hopefully on Monday Aidan and I will know the verdict on the truck. Patience has never been a strong point for me, so I guess I just need to embrace this down time and learn from it.

New Doc in the house!

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When I married Danny I knew that what I had on my hands was something extraordinary, but I had no idea the extent of his ninja skills. (How could I possibly!) Today, after almost 13 months of marriage, he brought out a new trick from his ever growing bag….wart removal by Doctor Dan. Hannah has a had a bothersome wart on her knee for several years now, and today Danny made it all go away.  He sterilized a blade and sliced the darn thing right off, while Hannah sat brushing through her freshly washed hair like nothing was going on.  Needless to say, I am impressed with them both.  Danny has decided that a way to make extra money while out cruising, is just to announce at each marina that the doctor is in town and he’ll fix you right up…

IMG_6396  IMG_6395  IMG_6394

Dwight the mechanic called us today and said that when he went to put the new U joint onto the truck, he realized that the entire bell on the transmission is cracked.  I guess that’s not a good thing, and I had no idea our truck had a bell!  Dwight does not fix transmissions so we will need to have the BAT (big  a@@  truck) towed to someplace that does.  It appears I will be here for a few days!

In Dwight’s office he has several things he’s very proud of.


He chuckled when I smiled at his sign, as he told me that 300 miles that way is in the middle of the ocean.  The funny thing is that at this point I would very much like to be 300 miles that way on Tanda Malaika in the ocean!


He also has this sign right next to his plaque from the Better Business Bureau. Funny guy.


Also, on his counter, he has this trap with a bright red button to press. “To register a complaint, press red button”.  Danny and I didn’t have to push the red button or walk 300 miles out into the ocean.  We have no complaints with Dwight, he’s a good honest guy.

IMG_6402  IMG_6407 IMG_6409

The creatures enjoyed more together time today.  It’s their favorite thing. Being together, playing games, listening to music, swimming and walking – it’s all just perfect.


At one point Mycah sat down with Mom and explained her iPhone to her, making notes on how to use the darn thing.  They make them so complicated!


Handsome Daddy-O is always full of smiles and love, just like Mom. We sure love our family so much. There is no feeling of in-law this or that, or step this or that.  We are just one big happy and very close family.  I am so grateful to be a small part of it.

Early tomorrow morning, Hunter will drive the BMW with Jonathan, Mycah and Emma, to Idaho, since Jonathan and Mycah start school on Monday.

Danny and Hannah will drive the rental car to LAX to catch their plane to Costa Rica and then finally on Sunday to Bocas in Panama. We received a call from a gentleman today that wants to take a peak at Time Out, so on the way to LAX, they will show her to him.  Wouldn’t that be awesome if he bought her!?

So, It’ll just be me and my main man Aidan left behind.  I have no doubt that he and I will get up to all sorts of mischief! Tomorrow we will be like a dandelion blowing in the wind, each of us flying off in different directions for a while.  The beauty of it is though, it that we will all be together soon again.

Please pray for safe travels for all….

Heart surgery completed!

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Check out my spiffy new flesh wound! You can see my previous surgery site above it. They couldn’t use the same incision site and this one is much longer. Pretty darn sexy if I have to say so myself. All went well, my pacemaker has a new pocket of pectoral muscle to snuggle up in, and I won’t need to be operated on in that area for another 7 or 8 years when my battery dies and a new pacemaker will need to be placed.  I’m sure by then they’ll have some new technology too.

As soon as I came to in recovery, I began removing my IV to make sure the nurses knew I was serious about not staying a second longer than I have to.  They understood me clearly and let me escape.  Danny and I began our drive from Santa Barbara to Nipomo, and a mile south of the Nipomo exit, we heard a scraping sound, an odd zigzag jiggle and stuff flying out from under the truck.


So, this happened! We lost a forward U joint on the prop shaft that runs from bow to stern, directly aft and forward of the wheels. When it fell it took out every last bit of wiring under the truck. This is one of the multitude of reasons why a sailboat is a much preferred choice of transportation!!! We could have simply raised the sails and kept going, and we wouldn’t have had wiring under the boat to deal with!

My handsome Darling McGuyver husband crawled under the truck and removed the shaft, gathered up the wire and put he truck in 4WD and coasted it in to a cute little mechanic shop in the middle of no where.

IMG_6383    IMG_6384


Dwight the mechanic decided he can fix the prop shaft and attempt to fix the wiring.  We will know more tomorrow. Three hours later, Hunter and Emma came and collected us from there and we drove to Mom and Dad’s beautiful home. They are so sweet and so accommodating. There are bodies and duffles everywhere. The creatures went swimming today, and Danny and I took a nap.

Only 1.5 more days till Danny and Jude fly out to Tanda Malaika in Panama. As soon as the truck is ready, I’ll jump into it with some creatures, Hunter will drive the car and we will make our way to Idaho to be with our other sweet parents.

I feel good.  No pain and full of energy.  I am grateful for modern medicine, an amazingly smart and handsome husband, and 11 beautiful children.  What more could a woman possibly want!