Day: June 3, 2015

On the road again

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It was tough saying farewell to my parents and our sweet son, Hunter, this morning.  Many tears were shed and then we loaded into the BAT (Big A$$ Truck), pulling a little Uhaul trailer, and off we went.

IMG_7294    IMG_7295

We took Aundrea and my brother, Jan, with us to drop off in Utah (much to our dismay), and you can probably guess what happened when we reached the drop off point with Aundrea……yep, of course, the BAT wouldn’t start!!!!!!

IMG_7296       IMG_7298

So, my handsome husband and pretty darn good looking brother worked their magic underneath (luckily it’s jacked up so much, you can practically walk around down there), and figured that the starter had kicked the bucket. While they removed the starter I started disconnecting the batteries only to find out that when doing that, one only needs to disconnect the red connections, and not the black! I reconnected the black and the men underneath found that the starter wire was the problem, not the starter. When we had our original little problem in CA and ripped out the wiring underneath, this little wire was holding on for dear life and decided to just give it up today.  So, Danny and Jan pulled a McGuyver and fixed the wire, reinstalled the starter, and Bob’s your uncle, the darn thing started right up! When cleaning up the tools afterward I came across these that the men had purchased….


Butt Connectors?? Really? I don’t even want to know….

We hit the road again, dropped Jan off where he needed to be and continued on.

At a rest area with beautiful green grass, the creatures decided to play a game I taught them many years ago that we used to play in South Africa when I was little.

IMG_7304 FullSizeRender

It’s called KING. I think it’s alot like the American version called ‘red light, green light.’  One person stands up front while everyone else stands a short distance away facing him/her. The lead person turns away and says ‘K    I   N   G  spells KING!’

Everyone has been trying to race to them when their back is turned and at that point the lead person turns around to see who is moving.  If you aren’t standing still like a statue, you have to start over.  The object is to reach the lead person first.

Tonight we have stopped by our sweet friends home to spend the night.  we love the Nell’s so much and have missed them like crazy. The creatures all jumped in the pool together.


Danny and I are headed to bed but we’ve been informed that they are not going to sleep because they have 3 years of catching up to do. I suppose tomorrows car ride will be filled with sleeping bodies.