Day: June 4, 2015

Full circle

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We have now come full circle. Funny thing is that it’s my second time around. We left St George this morning after spending a wonderful time with our sweet friends. Before leaving, their son Ethan showed us his amazing skills on his bike. Danny videoed him with his drone, and got some some awesome footage. The creatures ended up staying up till 4 this morning, so they snuggled down in the BAT and fell fast asleep.


We saw some beautiful country once again.  We use the WAZE app on our phones for navigation, and WAZE told us at one point that there was a severe automobile accident and she took us on a different road to avoid it.  It was about a 5 mile off road adventure. We are always up for an adventure…even if it is with a Uhaul trailer dragging behind.

All went well with the shipping company, and returning the Uhaul, and after working our way through LA rush hour, we hit the beautiful scenery spots again as we made our way to Nipomo to Mom and Dad’s.


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I am so grateful to be done driving for a couple of days. And, I am especially grateful for a truck that worked so well. Mostly, I am grateful for my wonderful Darling and amazing kids, the best 4 parents ever and such a sweet family.  Life is good.