One day closer

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This morning Emma was so sweet and decided to vacuum out the BAT all by herself! It looks marvelous.

Saying goodbye to Mom and Dad was difficult. They are two of the most beautiful individuals ever. The creatures and I love them so much – like we’ve known them our entire lives. I am so grateful to have such a deep love and wonderful relationship with my sweet parents. It’s no wonder why Danny is so wonderful…how could he not be?!

We dropped the creatures off at Jude’s sailboat, Time Out.

IMG_0001   IMG_0004

Jude was So happy to see her girl. She is sitting pretty and in great shape, just waiting for someone to buy her.  If it’s not too foggy or stormy tomorrow (as predicted), we’ll take her for a sail.

I ran my Darling to the GIV he’s flying today.  He’ll be gone till Wednesday afternoon.


I started missing him even before I dropped him off.


It’s a good thing I have these crazy creatures to keep me busy!

For tonight we are all snuggled down in our hotel room. Life is good and I am grateful for the opportunities it presents. I hope that tomorrow I can make someones day a little brighter, and leave them feeling loved and understood.

Only 3 more days until we are in our home, Tanda Malaika.


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