Exhausting day

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Our day began at 6am.  We checked out of the hotel and for a few minutes, stopped by our friends home for one last goodbye. They have a wonderful business called R2P. (Rookie to Pro) http://WWW.R2PSPORTS.COM and gave us each a t-shirt to take with us. Aside from their spiffy clothing line, they work with amateurs to athletes in everything from sports enhancement training, to conditioning and nutrition and wellness. Kekoa is a total genius at this stuff and is a blast and half to work with.

IMG_0085     IMG_0086

We made our way to LA to pick up a couple things at West Marine, and then took the last of our stuff to the shipping place.  It was great to finally get rid of the massive SUP’s.

We ran several errands, in crazy LA traffic, during which time Mycah asked me questions like, “Mom, would you rather have no elbows or no knees?” Where on earth does one come up with a question like that!? The weird thing is that we all calmly discuss the matter and move on to the next question…like it’s normal.


I taught Mycah how to check the oil in the BAT, and she took it upon herself to check and fill the oil thingamajig. She was very pleased with herself and said she felt pretty special standing up on the front bumper four feet off the ground, looking at the engine like she knew what she was doing.  Ah the simple pleasures of life…

Before the creatures know it, they will all be experts at diesel marine engines too!


I finally got the creatures checked into the hotel so they could swim, and then drove back to pick Danny up from his trip. It’s great to have him back.

So, this is our last night before flying home to Tanda Malaika. Tomorrow night I’ll be tucking the creatures into their new beds, where every night they will be rocked gently to sleep on the waters of the Caribbean. Life is good.


One thought on “Exhausting day

    linda govatos said:
    June 11, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Wish we were there with you….miss you all so much already!!!!!!! Please keep writing your blog, and sending the pictures. Love you sooooo much!!!!!


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