Day: June 14, 2015

Working day on Tanda Malaika

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It was so fun looking over at everyone seated at the table last night as we ate dinner together. We feel so at home in our home.


Danny took some time to show Jonathan how to tie fishing knots, and he and Aidan spent quite a bit of time trying to fish from the docks today. No luck yet but it’ll happen.


After peaches and oatmeal for breakfast, I taught the creatures how to drain the milk from a coconut and then how to crack it open and harvest the meat from it. They all did well and then enjoyed some delicious fresh coconut.

IMG_0127   IMG_0130

After that it was time to get to work….


Aidan and Emma swabbed the decks.

IMG_0125  IMG_0126

Mycah scrubbed the helm station, and Jonathan, Emma and Ashley cleaned up on deck.

While they were all busy with that, Jude, Danny and I started to work on the mast. We started running cables so that we can install a new wind indicator and radar.

IMG_0132   IMG_0134

First Danny went up the mast.  Yep that’s him way up there (that black blob at the top)!

Mycah decided that she wanted a turn so…

IMG_0138   IMG_0141

She loved it.


We’ve decided that one of the best investments we’ve made for the boat is this Milwaukee Drill.  The drill bit fits into the wench perfectly and makes it SO much easier to raise the mainsail – or the person in the bosuns chair.

IMG_0137  IMG_0144

IMG_0147  IMG_0148

Emma rubbed up against coral yesterday while scrubbing the bottom of the boat, and has quite the itchy bumps.  She’s tough and will be good as new in a few days 🙂


This evening we hung the hammock between the mast and the furling jib.  Fun times!!

IMG_0151     IMG_0152

All the cruisers at the marina had a pot luck dinner tonight, and we made a hearty pasta salad.  Everyone brought delicious salads.

FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender

While we were there it started to pour with rain – the kind that drenches you in a couple seconds.  It was so beautiful. The harder it rained, the more crabs came out as they were washed out of their holes in the dirt.  We’ve been told that they are good to eat, so Jonathan and Aidan started collecting them and plan on having them for dinner tomorrow night.


It was a good day today, and now we are all showered up and sitting around them table playing Skipbo together. Tomorrow we will enjoy the Sabbath.