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This morning began with a taxi ride for Danny and I.  A few months ago he developed Epiglotitus, and after being hospitalized for it, the doctors told us that if he gets a bad cold, he needs to go on antibiotics so it doesn’t develop into that again. Danny is pretty congested and has a bit of a cough and feels a little off, so we figured we’d hit the doctors today before setting sail in the morning.

IMG_0156     IMG_0157l

We were placed in a room made of curtains, that was connected to a room with a man sitting down waiting to be treated. His friend stood in the entry to his room and watched us closely.  The seated man had a bloody leg that had to be stitched up. We were all one big happy family in there. The doctor came in with a nurse who could barely speak English, so she could translate. After looking at Danny and taking his vitals, he wrote 2 prescriptions, and sent us on our way. We thought we were getting antibiotics because he has quite the flemmy cough. After having the prescriptions filled and looking online at what we got, we realized that one prescription was for cough syrup and the other for Claritin D. We have both of these on board already.  Ah well, now we have more, and we’ll just keep a watch on Danny till we get to Bocas in a couple of days.

After the doc we went grocery shopping to provision. It’s the nicest grocery store we will see for a while so we stocked up.

IMG_0163  IMG_0161 IMG_0158  IMG_0159  IMG_0160

They had so many wonderful fruits and vegetables.


As part of our route to and from town, we had to cross the Panama Canal. It’s fascinating. The giant locks and huge ships the length of football fields and cute little tug boats all amazed me.

IMG_0171  IMG_0172

Aidan has learned some serious skill when it comes to climbing the standing rigging. Pretty soon we’ll be able to send him up the coconut trees.


This evening we are all tired ofter prepping Tanda Malaika and getting her ready for us to set sail tomorrow. Our plan is to leave at first light on a 14 hour sail to a little deserted island called Escudo de Veraguas. It is inhabited only by a few fishermen, and is the only home in the world to the pygmy sloth. It is surrounded by beautiful reefs and white sandy beaches. We will most likely not have internet there, but I will post pictures and blogs posts about it asap.

We have loved our time here at Shelter Bay and are excited to throw off the bow lines in the morning and watch land disappear off our stern.


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