Beach Day!

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This morning we woke to beautiful blue skies, and decided that a day at the beach was in order.  We also knew that the blue skies may not last, so we left first thing.

DSC_0002  DSC_0004

We worked our way out of the marina and through the jungle and out onto Red Frog Beach.  It’s about a 10 minute walk, and so worth it!


We all immediately went for a swim, but quickly found that the ocean had a temper today.  There was a long shore current as well as a riptide, so everyone stayed shallow and Danny and I kept a close watch on the creatures.

DSC_0007  DSC_0014

DSC_0010   DSC_0011

The waves were gorgeous.

Danny and I went for a walk down the beach while the creatures played  in the sand and relaxed.

DSC_0012  DSC_0016  DSC_0030

DSC_0023  DSC_0033  DSC_0024  DSC_0028  DSC_0034

When we returned, Jude had dug a hole, and Emma had built a snowman/sandman.

DSC_0035  DSC_0036  DSC_0037

As always, I was fascinated by the beautiful flowers on our walk back.

DSC_0019  DSC_0045  DSC_0044

DSC_0043  DSC_0046  DSC_0047

After returning and showering up we were ready for a nap.  The creatures watched Harry Potter and after sleeping for a bit Emma came in and woke me saying that the pineapple boat was here.  Jude and I went to investigate and came back with 3 beautiful pineapples – each for $1.

IMG_0188   IMG_0187 IMG_0189

This evening when I served the tribe dinner, I made them fresh pineapple/mango smoothies to go with their meal.  No one complained 🙂

I am grateful for another beautiful day surrounded by my sweet husband and children.



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