Rescuing a vessel

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My day began at 6am, in a way that makes me one happy skipper.  Baking bread.  It was my first attempt at baking bread on Tanda Malaika, and it felt so good to have my hands back in the warm, soft dough again. It took 3 times as long to bake as it does on land, and the bread wasn’t very pretty, but everyone loved waking to the smell on the boat and the taste of the mama bears bread. I also baked 4 dozen dinner rolls in preparation for our dock party this evening.

We set sail for Bocas, and on the way, a little French man in a dinghy came racing over to us, waving his hands and asking for help.  His sailboat was stuck on a sand bar and his engines had failed, so we took our girl over there and pulled him off the sand.

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We continued in to Bocas with music blaring, and as we sailed, Mycah and Jonathan danced like mad men out on the bow.

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After dropping anchor, a few of us jumped in the dinghy and rode into shore.


It was fun looking back at Tanda Malaika sitting pretty at anchor.

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After returning from town, Danny took a nap while the creatures jumped off the boat and swam for a bit. When we fired the engines back up in preparation to head back to Red Frog, and went to run the windlass to pull the anchor up, the windlass wouldn’t work.  We had to pull it up by hand, which takes a good amount of strength, and made us feel even more grateful for a windlass (when it’s working).

We’ll be getting right on figuring out what’s wrong with the windlass!

Our friends came over at 6, and we enjoyed a wonderful meal together.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the chicken I prepared in coconut milk and curry spices. Ashley and Emma made a delicious pineapple upside down cake with the fresh produce we bought from the pineapple boat.


Another wonderful day in Paradise.


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