Day: June 27, 2015

Wonderful Day

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Today was a wonderful day.  Not because of something wild we saw or because of a major excursion, but because I got to be by my sweet husbands side all day, working on boat projects, going for a walk, running into Bocas and grabbing mail etc. I love accomplishing things with him, and breaking away from the creatures for some ‘Danny and Belinda’ time.

Our morning started with some elbow grease. We all scrubbed hard and got the stern bright and shiny while Jonathan scrubbed the starboard side of the boat.

IMG_0276   IMG_0275

After that Danny asked me to go for a walk with him and we ventured over to the beach with his drone. I wish I could download the video he shot.  It looks like imax footage as he soared over the waves and down the beautiful white sand beach.


He didn’t want to land it in the sand so he made it hover right next to him and then picked it out of mid air with his hand. Pretty skilled. When we have better wifi we will download the video to youtube.

Our walk through the jungle to the beach was beautiful.  There are so many shades of green and leaves in every shape and size. I love the vines that hang 80 feet down from the tree tops.

DSC_0003   DSC_0002   DSC_0001

DSC_0008   DSC_0004

The chef from the Castaways restaurant here at Red Frog Marina, would like Ashley to bake some things for the restaurant, so she made a list of supplies she needs and we took the boat over to Bocas and dropped anchor so Danny and I could jump in the car (dinghy) and run into town. While we were there the creatures dove off the boat and swam around. When we returned I took a few shots of them.

DSC_0010  DSC_0011  DSC_0012

DSC_0014  DSC_0015

Before long they were all diving off the roof of the boat. I did that last night to cool off – dove off the roof, swam for a minute then shampooed my hair and washed up on deck at the stern.  It’s the best bath/shower ever.

While we were in Bocas we picked up the package that had arrived and it was the cable we’ve been needing for the radar.  I’m so grateful for Danny and all his knowledge on how to install all this stuff.