Day: July 7, 2015

Odds and Ends

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This afternoon while the creatures were at the beach, I worked on a variety of things.

There was one more small leak in the dinghy, so before Jonathan left he helped me take the outboard off and I pulled the rib up onto the dock. I flipped it over and put soapy water in the general area of where we had thought the hole might be, and Bob’s your uncle! It bubbled. I dried it off and patched it up and had a tarp waiting close by to cover it up if it rained.  The sun was shining, so I continued to stow a few things away on the boat, then went down into my berth to gather laundry.  Just as I sat down, not even two minutes later, it began to pour like only Panama can. I ran up the stairs and out the door, hurdled the stern steps and landed on the dock in style, and threw the tarp over the dinghy. No harm done.

We have some favorite things on our boat.

IMG_0512   IMG_0513   IMG_0514

Nothing cleans like Simple Green, Vinegar, Bar Keepers Friend, and Joy dish soap. Out on the deck, Bar Keepers friend removes stains so beautifully, Vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle destroys mildew, and Simple Green and Joy are kind to the environment and work well when scrubbing decks.

My berth is all shiny and clean again.  I did laundry so I have clean sheets on my bed for when I return from Idaho, I scrubbed out the fridge and freezer, and washed down all the walls in the Port hull, and we filled the water tanks.

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I also made the 2 big salads – one a coleslaw and the other a potato salad, so the kids could add them to their meals in the first couple days that I’m gone.


This evening all the creatures came and sat on my bed so we could have prayer and scripture study, and then Jude played the guitar while Mycah sang.

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I am so grateful for children who love each other so much. They are always playing games together, reading, exploring, singing and teasing. They treat each other with such love, and it fills me to overflowing.

I’m so tired now, and feel good about all we have accomplished today.