Day: July 8, 2015

Musical gates

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I had a sleepless night last night.  I think when I get to my parents house I’m going to blow up an air mattress and float it in the canal next to their house and sleep on it.

All went well on the flight from Panama city to Houston, and just before I left Danny texted me and told me about the computer issues United was having.  It didn’t make any difference in Panama City.

BUT….It was obvious when I reached Houston than the airport was really backed up.


Huge crowds were trying to make their way through immigration and people were camped out all over the place. I noticed a frantic mother who was trying to carry her baby, drag her large bag and hold her little boys hand, while running through the airport.  I told her that I am a mom who has traveled a lot with her kids and I’d love it if she’d let me help.  I figured she’d hesitate just a bit, not knowing if she could trust me, but the next thing I knew, she shifted her baby into my arms and off we went.  We got her to her gate in time.

I have been playing musical gates all afternoon.  My gate has changed 8 times now and my flight time has changes 3 times.  I’m not complaining though because I’ve been quite entertained by listening to these beautiful ladies.


7 little ladies and one little man have been sitting chatting in thick Texas accents – which I understand as well as Panamanian.  They are so animated and excited about their trip to Mexico together.  I can tell who the ring leader is because when ever one of the ladies stands up she’ll tell them that they need to sit down.  If they leave for the bathroom, she tells them that she will watch their spot and hit anyone who comes near with her purse.  They are so cute!

I spoke with my Sweetheart for a while.  It was wonderful to hear his voice.  He is still in Dubai and also trying hard to adjust to a hotel room with no movement or lapping water.  he’s had so many hits on the youtube video he made from drone footage he shot of our sailing in Panama. The drone company even used his video.  He’s all famous and stuff:)

The creatures and I have texted too, and they all went to the beach today.  Jude cooked up plantains last night and they all loved them.  She said that at one point Mycah was standing in the main salon and out of no where a tiny lizard jumped down onto her. She panicked and the lizard freaked out and continued to jump all over her, trying to find a safe place to land.  The pictures she sent were hilarious but I’ve had to swear to not post them on the blog lol.  The look of horror on her face is priceless.

I’m excited to see my sweet sister in Boise when she picks me up…whatever time it is that I finally get there.

Life is good, and I am grateful for modern transportation.


Last minute projects

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Last night it rained harder than it has since we’ve been here. The thunder was so loud that the boat literally vibrated, and beautiful bright streaks of lightning lit up the sky.  Jude and I lay talking for a while and she fell asleep in my bed, and boy is she a snuggler! At one point I dreamed that I still had my python and that it had wrapped around my neck and was squeezing me to death.  I awoke to find Jude’s arms tight around my neck.  Other times she’d just scoop me up like I was her child, and hold me tight.

This morning when I finally pried her hands, arms and legs off of me, I walked outside into the continuing rain and thought that perhaps we’d drifted to the Great Green Greasy Limpopo River in the night.

FullSizeRender   FullSizeRender

Lots of muddy runoff from all the rain filled the marina.

I spent my morning working on two new tiny leaks on the boat, and I also checked on my patch projects on the dinghy.

IMG_0537     IMG_0536

They seemed to have held up well, so I slipped the dinghy back into the water, Jonathan helped me reattach the outboard and and went to hook up the fuel lines to the outboard to find that one of the ends had rotted out and broken.  I cut a fresh end, rethread the fuel line onto the connector and Bob’s your uncle, the dinghy started right up. I took it for a spin and it’s holding air splendidly.

Our neighbor left his dinghy on the dock and in the night it collected 8 1/2 inches of rain.


I wish I could ship it to California because we have plenty to spare.

The creatures and I divided up the ceiling panels in the main salon and all scrubbed away with a vinegar/water solution.  It kills all mold and leaves things smelling pickled and shining brightly.

IMG_0539 IMG_0542

After all that we decided that some beach time was in order…

DSC_0043     DSC_0044

DSC_0048    DSC_0049

Mycah walked along playing the uke and singing, ‘I’m leaving on a jet plane…’, which is appropriate for me for today.  We walked till we found our favorite spot on Red Frog Beach, and while the creatures got settled I went for a walk to take pictures and explore. Due to the storm last night, all sorts of things like coconuts, noni and other pods of all kinds were lying all over the beach.


DSC_0050   DSC_0078-1

DSC_0077-1    DSC_0052

There were areas where streams were flowing into the ocean from land, and had broken down beautiful little meandering channels, making the sand look like melting chocolate frosty ice creams.

DSC_0056  DSC_0055

The most beautiful Portuguese man or war was washed up on the beach. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen, at about 4″ across.


It reminded me of when I was little and played on the beaches in South Africa, and my brother and sister and I would run along the beach where many of these were washed up, and we’d stomp on them to hear the bubble pop, then quickly rub our feet on the sand to avoid the wicked sting that follows. I left this one in peace in case you’re wondering.

DSC_0057   DSC_0060


The waves and scenery was beautiful as usual.  I will never tire of life on the water.

DSC_0053   DSC_0054

DSC_0071   DSC_0072-1

DSC_0062   DSC_0076-1

DSC_0066   DSC_0116-1

At one point I walked farther in to where some beautiful green ground cover blanketed the earth. I was bare foot as usual and it felt so good under my feet.

DSC_0067     DSC_0115-1    DSC_0068

When I returned to the creatures, the had begun digging and building.

DSC_0082    DSC_0086-1

DSC_0084-1   DSC_0087

DSC_0085-1   DSC_0088-1

Mycah was still playing and singing.

We all played in the waves for quite some time, and then Jonathan, Aidan, Mycah and Jude got into a sandball fight.  Kinda like a snowball fight but not.

DSC_0093   DSC_0099-1

DSC_0100-1    DSC_0103

DSC_0110    DSC_0108-1

Good times.  Emma and I stayed out of it somehow.  She had her nose in a book and I was recording it all with the camera.


After a while it was time to head back and get cleaned up.

DSC_0065   DSC_0112

Everywhere I look I see beautiful things!

DSC_0114     DSC_0113

Before long it was time to kiss my babies goodbye and jump on the water taxi into Bocas. Gustavo, the water taxi driver, had a lot to say.  I told him that my Dad has cancer and that I’m going to see him.  He told me that it wasn’t until we went to the moon, that cancer became such a wide spread and terrible thing.  He believes that it was brought back from the moon.  He also told me that he can see much happiness in my future, and alot of love.

FullSizeRender     FullSizeRender

I’m going to miss those creatures so much but am grateful for this opportunity to see Kjira and Hunter and my sweet parents and siblings.  It was interesting walking through Bocas to the airport. It all feels like home now. I recognize people and we wave, the smells and sights are comforting to me, and I smile as I walk past places where Danny and I have walked or sat together. It made me miss him terribly.


All went well at the airport and when we took off I could look down and see Bocas, and the beautiful islands we have now  come to know.  Just a second before disappearing into the clouds, I could also see our marina, with Tanda Malaika sitting proudly with my Angels on board.

FullSizeRender-3   IMG_0558

I am in Panama City for the night and will fly out to the mainland in the morning. It has been weird to be back in traffic and in a city.


My cab driver’s name was Paulo, and he hooted the hooter so much. Every time he past a vehicle, he’d hoot! He said he was doing it because he’s very excited to watch the Panama football game tonight, and was letting everybody know.

So here I am, all tucked in to my big queen bed in my hotel room which Danny was so sweet to book for me. I feel no movement from the boat and I hear no water lapping up against my hull. My family is farther than 47ft away from me so I can’t hear any of their movement, and I hear the sounds of city outside my window. This room seems ridiculously large and there’s enough room for all of us to camp out in the head…or bathroom…or whatever it is.  I guess I feel like a fish out of water.

I am so grateful for a wonderful day with my creatures, for the beauty that is displayed everywhere for us to enjoy, and for the sounds of nature.