Beautiful Sabbath

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This morning I awoke early and prepared a roast and put it in the oven for later in the day, and then went to get ready to go to church with my Mom and Dad. Mom came in to me and said Dad is too weak to go to church and she asked if I would stay with him so she could attend a meeting she had to go to. After she left I went to check on him and kissed his head tenderly as he slept. I watched him lying there, his body seems so small and frail, yet his spirit is so bold and strong. He is my hero. I continued on with a few things around the house and after an hour heard him stirring, so I peeked into his room, and there he was, all dressed and carefully making the bed.  He is so weak and bent over, and needed to stop and rest every few seconds, but he wanted to show love and do a kind service for my mother by making the bed. What a beautiful soul he is.

A wonderful friend of ours from South Africa stopped by, and then we had a short family gathering to celebrate my nephews birthday. My sweet Mom and Dad just take it all in stride, smiling and visiting and loving the family. So many people are making contact with my Dad, just wanting one more chance to help him realize the amazing impact he has had in their lives.  He is a legend who has touched more lives that he’ll ever know.

This evening my Mom and I went for a walk and saw many beautiful things.

DSC_0003-2     DSC_0002-2 DSC_0001-2    DSC_0004-1

DSC_0008-2     DSC_0007-2    DSC_0012-1

DSC_0011-2    DSC_0006-2     DSC_0015-1

DSC_0014-1    DSC_0016-1

The creatures are doing well in Panama. I received a worrisome text from Jude today, which read, ‘What are signs of a concussion?’  Every parents dreads those questions…I responded by giving her a list of possible signs and then asked, ‘why?’

Before she could text back I called her to find out the scoop and she told me that she was running into the waves and decided to do a somersault into the waves, and landed straight down onto her head – hitting it pretty hard. She said she was nauseated and had a head ache.  I checked in with her several times afterward but she steadily felt much better. I did arrange for Mycah to set an alarm and wake her in the middle of the night to check on her, but I think she’s going to be fine.  I told her that the best medicine for such things is a nice big root beer float, so her and the other four creatures made their way to Castaways Restaurant for their treat.

IMG_0635     IMG_0634

IMG_0631     IMG_0629


I am so grateful for another day of life.  For this time with my wonderful parents, and for the opportunity to be a wife and a mother. Life is good and I am so blessed.


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