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The past couple days have been really tough. My Dad has weakened so much more, to the point of at times needing to be carried.  I love being here to help him and my mom, but it is just so sad.


Snuggling up to my dad is one of my favorite things. I stroke his head and kiss his face and listen to his breathing. Yesterday he and I shared some Dulce de leche ice cream together. I fed him and he loved it.


He and my mom are so precious to me.


Today I sewed him a new bath robe. He looked so cute in it.

IMG_0652    IMG_0658

This evening was my ex in laws funeral. It was great to see long lost aunts and uncles and cousins, but sitting there by my dad, realizing that his time is coming soon, was more than I could bare.

IMG_0682   IMG_0672

Kjira and Hunter were pallbearers and did beautifully.  They were so strong and I am so proud of them. It is good to have this day over.

The creatures in Panama are doing so well. All is in order and I am looking forward to seeing them on Sunday again.

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