Travel day #2. Done!

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Last night Aundrea and I turned the TV on and at about 9pm and saw a pizza hut add for pizza with a new crust with cheese in it and it looked SO good to us…so we ordered one!


It was a lot of pizza for the two of us and we didn’t quite finish it but fell asleep to very full and satisfied bellies.

Our day began by waking at 3:30am, to be at the airport at 4am.

IMG_0776-1   IMG_0777-1

Aundrea is so fun to travel with! We had a 4 hour layover in the Denver airport where I called both my moms to check in, and we wandered around and sat and read and wandered some more. Aundrea was so excited to go out of the country for the first time!  I got a picture of her when we got off the plane in Panama City.


After an hour taxi ride we reached our hotel which is close to the smaller airport we fly out of in the morning.

IMG_0786      IMG_0785

Aundrea wanted me to take a photo of the toilet in our hotel bathroom because she can’t get over how cool it is.  In fact she thinks it’s the coolest bathroom shes ever been in in her whole life.


Ah, the simple pleasures of life…

Danny is in Istanbul, Turkey, and sent this picture today.


We still don’t have a return date for him yet, but most likely the first part of August.

The creatures worked hard today.  They were asked to scrub a charter boat in the marina.  All 5 of them worked together for 6 hours. They are so excited to see us, and we are them. It’s going to feel so good to slip under the covers in my bed on the boat tomorrow night.

Tomorrow our day will start at 5:10am, with a short flight to Bocas, then a water taxi ride to Tanda Malaika.


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