Day: July 23, 2015

Perfect beach day

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This morning when I awoke, I walked upstairs to find things very quiet…aside from soft talking in Jude and Emma’ room. I went in to find Jude and the twins laying on the bed and talking about all sorts of things. I lay down with them and they all snuggled into me, and I looked at Emma and said ‘Good morning Sweetheart, what have you been up to?’ Her immediate reply…’Well, I’ve spent my morning doing more research and reading up on women’s rights, and I brushed my teeth.’ I looked at her to see if she was serious, and she was completely serious! She is 12 years old! When I was 12, I was only interested in competing in the next track meet and climbing trees!

As I worked my way up the dock,  en route to the ablution blocks, I was approached by 5 different people saying, ‘I hear you have a starter problem.  Let me know if I can help.’ Or, ‘Sorry about your starter problem.’ One guy named Larry, said, ‘I know a guy that can fix any starter.  He lives in Bocas down the little path that leads behind the witches house.  I can take you there tomorrow if you’d like.’ Then finally, the marina manager said, ‘Good morning, I hear you have a starter that needs work.  How about you run in with DC this morning and he can take you to a guy that could probably fix it.  He lives right behind the witches house.’ It cracked me up. It proved to me once again that we are one big family here – everybody always watching out for everyone else.  I love it.  I took the starter in and took the path beside the witches house, and dropped it off and will check up on it on Friday.  In the mean time Danny has ordered 2 more starters for us to keep on hand on the boat. I didn’t see any witches in case you’re wondering.

I came home to find a note from the creatures, telling me they were at Red Frog Beach, that they’d made lunch to take with and that I should come join them. I did.


As I walked along by myself I paid close attention to what I was feeling, and it was complete peace. The air was thick and warm and smelled of moist earth and foliage.  A smell that smells alive and full. I saw greens in every shade and texture, with leaves hanging in 40ft long vines with heart shaped leaves, banana leaves stretching tall and wide, and pointed palms with spear like tips standing proudly. I could hear toucans, sounding like someone hitting two rocks together, and cicada buzzing their high pitched melody,  mono toned and steady. A spider eating the last of her moth, flowers contrasted against thick juicy leaves, leaf cutter ants carrying their heavy loads and tiny mushrooms completed the perfect canvas surrounding me. My bare feet could feel the warmth of the island and I was filled with gratitude and love.

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As I rounded the last corner and stepped on the beach I could see the creatures in the distance.  All sitting together in the shade beneath a tree, conversing and laughing together.  It was a heavenly scene.

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We all walked into the waves together and played for over an hour. We did all sorts of tricks, body surfed the waves in, and laughed as we did goofy things.  There was no current, the water was warm and the tide was low .

Once it started to rain, we continued to play for a short while and then made our way back to our home. We’ve all gotten really good at making sure hatches are closed before we go anywhere.

Our Australian friends will be leaving on Saturday morning so the kids and I organized a marina pot luck dinner party for Friday night. Everyone is excited to come. The French couple immediately told us that they know exactly what they are going to bring. Emma announced that she’ll be making a chocolate peanut butter cake. It’s going to be a feast!

I spoke with Danny today.  He is on an 11 hour flight right now to Indonesia.  I pray he will  be safe.

I also spoke with my Mom and she said that on Friday my Dad will be having a procedure where they will inject his nerves by his pancreas to deaden some of the pain he is experiencing. This evening he was teaching Kjira and Hunter how to make his secret hot sauce.

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He is weak and has a hard time standing for long, yet he is so thoughtful and loving.

I thought of him at sunset tonight as I looked toward the setting sun through all the masts.


I am so grateful for wonderful parents. I have two amazing mothers and two amazing fathers.  I am a blessed woman.