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This morning we all worked really hard. The creatures did their chores and I cleaned, all while it was raining outside.  We thought we’d get things done so we could go on a hike, but when we were done it was still raining….so we went for a hike anyway!

DSC_0002-5    DSC_0001-4    DSC_0003-4

We wanted to take Aundrea up high in the rainforest to show her the red frogs, and as always, we weren’t disappointed. The jungle is so dense and beautiful and filled with life.

DSC_0007-4    DSC_0008-6    DSC_0009-5

DSC_0015-4   DSC_0006-6  DSC_0011

We found the red frogs and Aundrea loved them just like we do.

DSC_0013-4       DSC_0017-3

We showed her the ‘stairway to heaven’ and she slowly climbed it saying, ‘this is sketchy guys.’ She’s as adventurous as the rest of us and wanted to climb anyway.


I showed the creatures a gecko egg I found at the base of a tree. Emma wanted to bring it home and hatch it, but we convinced her it was best to leave it in the jungle.


By the time we got done with our 4 mile hike, we were drenched in sweat and blue skies were overhead, so we stopped at the beach on the way home, to cool off.  The water was incredibly refreshing!

DSC_0019-4     DSC_0020-3

When we got back to Tanda Malaika I dove in to try find our hammock that blew off the bow, and the farther I descended, the more it looked like I had entered a room full of bubbles….but they weren’t bubbles, they were 100’s of jelly fish. Most of them were females with long stinging tentacles flowing behind them, with a few scattered males. I dodged them as much as I could until I was completed surrounded, then finally felt that invigorating sting to my left thigh. At that point I’d held my breath as long as I could and my search was over, so I surfaced. I was still surrounded by several jelly fish so I carefully made my way back on board and washed my leg off and applied the vinegar.  That really intensified the sting, but now, a couple hours later I have no pain. Just a pretty little welt.

Danny arrived safely in Paris after being awake for 26 hours, and is now snuggled down in his hotel room bed. I am so grateful that he arrived there safely.

It’s clouding up again and I think tonight after dinner I’ll make some caramel popcorn and we’ll all watch a movie together. Life is good.  I love my sweet family and I love this beautiful world we live in.


One thought on “Work and play

    magdaleene said:
    July 26, 2015 at 2:28 am

    That was lovely to read my Baby and loved all the beautiful photos. Loved that first flower especially.


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