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Our little corner of the world was once again saturated this morning.


I spoke with my Sweetheart on the phone for a while, then did laundry. Afterward I used the public restrooms to take a shower, and while I was shampooing my hair, out of the corner of my eye I saw something run past my feet. I turned to look behind me and saw this little guy taking a shower with me…


Finally the rain stopped and Steve came over to help me install the repaired starter.

FullSizeRender-119     FullSizeRender-118

It was music to my ears to hear it start up, and we decided to immediately take Tanda Malaika out for a sail. It felt so freeing to leave the marina and head for open ocean.

FullSizeRender-122      DSC_0002-7

DSC_0009-6    DSC_0059-1

DSC_0028-3     DSC_0019-5

Usually once we leave the mangroves and islands behind, we are able to find excellent wind for sailing, but today there was only 1.8 knots of wind. Gentle rolling seas and calm air.

We were visited by a beautiful little bird, who stayed with us for close to an hour.

DSC_0031     DSC_0033

After trying to find wind for a while we lowered the mainsail and motored out for a short while, but Aundrea was feeling extremely green with seasickness, so we turned around and motored to a calm place where everyone could jump off the boat and relax in the water.

FullSizeRender-129 FullSizeRender-128 FullSizeRender-127 FullSizeRender-126 FullSizeRender-125FullSizeRender-132

FullSizeRender-131 FullSizeRender-130FullSizeRender-133

Eventually we made our way back into Red Frog Marina, passing beautiful sights along the way.

DSC_0001-6    DSC_0021-4

DSC_0022-3    DSC_0005-2

Aundrea and Aidan entertained us with a dance on the tramp!


I docked the boat better than I ever have, with my trusty deck hands and skippers tossing and cleating lines, and we got settled in for the night. I has been another beautiful day of life, and I am grateful to have had yet another day filled with love and laughter with my sweet creatures.


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