He’s Home!!!

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The past couple of days have been quite busy, as we have prepared for Danny’s arrival. That combined with painfully slow internet, I wasn’t able to post a blog entry.

Sunday was beautiful. In South Africa when the sun shines and it rains at the same time, we called it a monkey’s wedding. There must have been one massive mass wedding because it seemed to do that all day.

IMG_1265    IMG_1266

We enjoyed a wonderful church service and then spent the day reading, relaxing and playing games.  We also had one of our family counsel meetings and came up with a game plan concerning preparing for Danny’s arrival. We keep a pretty clean and organized boat, but we wanted it extra spiffy for him.

Monday morning began with all the creatures scrubbing decks, while I baked bread and cleaned below deck.

IMG_1269       IMG_1268

I am so grateful for hard working and reliable children. Cleaning decks, windows and stainless steel can be back breaking work, with all the little grooves, nooks and crannies, and as I worked inside I could hear the kids singing, laughing and chatting as they worked so hard for several hours. By the time we were done, Tanda Malaika looked bright and beautiful!

We set sail for Bocas so we could grab a few groceries and get them stowed before going to the airport to get Danny.

IMG_1292   FullSizeRender-141FullSizeRender-140   FullSizeRender

There is never a time that we set sail, that someone doesn’t comment on how we love our life.  Living on the ocean is an amazing life!


We arrived at the airport early and relaxed in the air conditioning for a bit. We were all so excited and time passed slower than ever. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and went outside to watch for his airplane to come in, and was soon joined by the creatures. It finally arrived!

IMG_1294    FullSizeRender-143

Very soon we we saw our sweet Danny and lots of hugs and kisses were exchanged, and we returned to Tanda Malaika where we all jumped overboard and swam to cool off for a while.

Danny loved his welcome home signs.


We returned to Red Frog Marina and enjoyed our evening together. For dinner I served BBQ chicken, broccoli, a big potato salad I’d prepared and homemade bread.

It is truly wonderful to have Danny home!


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