Return to Starfish beach

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On Danny’s first day back he was anxious to get back to work on Tanda Malaika. Several items had arrived in shipment while he was away for the month, so he had plenty to do.


His first order of business was to replace the solenoid to the windlass.  We have a deep appreciation for the windlass at this point – after having to raise and lower the anchor by hand for all this time.


Next was to install the system that allows us to operate the boat with a remote control.  I joked with the kids saying Danny now has a new remote control toy, which also happens to be our home! This will be especially handy when it is stormy out and  we want to adjust our heading from below deck.


We also adjusted and stowed our scuba compressor. When we purchased the compressor several months ago I told Danny that it was too big.  That there was no place on the boat big enough to stow it. Well…he was right.  It fit.

After all this work we decided to set sail for Starfish beach.  It is one of our favorite places.  We made sure our water tanks were filled and then headed over to the fuel dock for diesel.

DSC_0001-7    DSC_0002-8

Aidan had climbed into the dinghy which was being towed behind the boat. right before we left, and Jude thought it would be funny to untie the dinghy and leave Aidan adrift. It was so funny to see the surprised look on his face when he realized he was  being left behind. He quickly started the outboard and raced to catch up with us.


While filling the tanks, some of our new friends in the marina motioned for the creatures to come to them, so 3 of them fired up the dinghy and went over. She had some papers prepared for them with a whole bunch of little tips covering every subject imaginable, for cruising. I’ll post some of them on a later blog.

Finally we set sail, and it was a beautiful journey with good wind and calm seas.

IMG_1303   IMG_1304

IMG_1307       IMG_1306-1

We arrived as the sun was setting.  Aidan had kept a watch out from his perch high up on the furling jib.


What a beautiful sight. Orange and yellow skies above bright green coconut filled palms, all perfectly bordering a peaceful little bay.

FullSizeRender-153     FullSizeRender-149

FullSizeRender-151    FullSizeRender-155


This morning we awoke to this breath taking beauty, and Danny grabbed the Hawaiian sling and he and I went snorkeling for fish.  he took a couple shot but didn’t catch anything this time.  Better luck next time:)

DSC_0004-6     DSC_0003-8

We spent the day playing on the paddle boards, swimming and relaxing.

FullSizeRender-160 FullSizeRender-159 FullSizeRender-158 FullSizeRender-157

It was a magical day and it’s so good to have Danny back. He adds so much light and joy to the family and we have missed him terribly. I am so grateful to share this experience with him and our wonderful creatures.DSC_0003-8 DSC_0004-6


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