Bugs for dinner

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Last night we anchored at the North Bocas Anchorage, and it was the first time we’d been there. It was a picturesque little bay surrounded by quaint homes at the edge of town.

DSC_0018-5     DSC_0017-4 DSC_0016-5     DSC_0015-5

DSC_0020-5     DSC_0019-6

It felt like we’d gone back in time.

We motored over to the main Bocas Marina to meet with a mechanic named Jeff.  He is the cutest little man and reminds me of a Hobbit or an Oompa loompa. He’s probably barely five feet tall and has long eyelashes and a confident personality.  His small size is perfect for crawling around in boat engine rooms.  Danny looked like Andre the giant next to him! While Danny was busy with him, the creatures and I took the dinghy in to Bocas for a few supplies.  The twins found a see-saw and laughed as they rode it for a minute.

FullSizeRender-164      FullSizeRender-163    DSC_0021-5         DSC_0024-5


While I was down for an afternoon siesta, Danny bought 6 lobster from a local fisherman who came by the boat in his dugout. When I awoke, he told me that he had caught them himself and I looked down in the 8ft of water we were anchored in at the grassy bottom and wanted details.  He told me a long story of how he’d caught them, and I was ready to jump in clothes and all and catch some more! Then, I saw that familiar little grin from the corner of his mouth and I knew he’d been pulling my leg! He got me again!


After arriving back here at red Frog Marina, we took showers and started on laundry, as well as on dinner. We cooked the bugs in a pot of boiling water for 15 minutes, and enjoyed a delicious meal together.


Mycah protested a bit because she felt bad for them,  but we finally convinced her that it’s okay and all part of the circle of life. (Maybe next time she catches a fish she won’t scream and throw it back in!)

I am so grateful for our home on the ocean, and for the opportunities it provides us to experience the world around us, hands on. We are so blessed and don’t take it for granted.


One thought on “Bugs for dinner

    Gwenith Kirkland said:
    August 7, 2015 at 7:07 pm

    I’m with Micah!! She has a beautiful heart. Don’t try to convince her to think your way. Your way is wrong. You should be glad she has feelings for ll living things.


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