Two new Teenagers!!!

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Our morning began with South African pancakes made by Jude, then the opening of birthday gifts with Aidan and Emma.  It’s hard to believe that they are 13! I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with them, and the excitement I felt. I loved being pregnant with them, even to the point of my belly being so big that I couldn’t fit behind the cars steering wheel with the seat all the way back. I especially loved being in labor with them, my sister in the room with me to witness their birth, and then being able to hold these two precious little miracles on my chest. I LOVE being a Mom, and i LOVE my sweet 13 year old babies.

We had another little stow away on the boat…


My Dad’s condition has gone from ‘it’s time to come soon,’ to ‘come home now.’ Danny immediately got online this morning and began the frustrating process of dealing with slower than slow wifi, and after 6 hours on the computer and the phone, he finally got all flights changed. We arranged for a water taxi to come pick us up this afternoon, then flew to Panama City.

IMG_1393     FullSizeRender-173

We flew right over our marina and I thought of our sweet Angels on the boat. I wish we could bring them with, but it would have cost about $8000 in air tickets for everyone to come.

This evening the creatures made a birthday treat for Aidan and Emma and sent photos.


Tomorrow morning we need to be at the airport at 5:45am, so it’s early to bed for all of us. I feel selfish hoping that my sweet Dad will still be there when we arrive tomorrow, because I know he is in pain, but I really want to kiss his face and hold him, and  whisper in his ear once more how much I love him.


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