Tearless Tuesday

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We had a wonderful day today.  All our interactions and efforts were accomplished  in a combined effort as a family. I loved every second of it. Danny and my brother and I ran into town to take care of a few things for our Momma, and met up with our sweet Aunt Colleen. She had purchased enough food to feed an army for us to take back to the house.  What an Angel she is. We drove back to Firth to unload all the goods, then all piled into my Dad’s big rig and drove over to the funeral home. Once there we sat down with the funeral director and talked about what the next couple of days will entail.  We discussed the death certificated and funeral program, and finalized all loose ends. Tomorrow morning the three sons, Jan, Gary and Danny, will go back to the funeral home to dress our Dad’s body. My Mom ironed his clothes beautifully today and got them all ready.

At 5pm tomorrow evening, our family will meet for the evening viewing which begins at 6pm.

One of the arrangements that we finalized today, was to contact the Harley Davidson Dealership to plan my Dad’s last ride. He was at one point, the President of the Idaho HOG Association, and after the funeral his casket will be towed in a glass hearse behind a Harley to the cemetery. Jan will ride my Dad’s Harley to lead the way, with Danny close by on another Harley, then the men and women who are in the Idaho HOG chapters will ride their bikes behind the hearse. It’s going to be quite the sight, and I know Daddy will be there with a proud big grin on his face!

The creatures in Panama are doing beautifully.  Our neighbors, Steve and Debbie, went into Bocas with them today and bought them all ice cream, and Lady Di from the sailboat, Cinnamon Girl, brought them dinner. They are being spoiled.  They’ve all been so strong in dealing with their Oupa’s death, and have spent time talking about their wonderful memories of him. I am so proud of them, and can’t wait to wrap my arms around them soon again.

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This evening I watched the sun set and thought of my amazing parents. I am so grateful for all that they have taught me.  The reason why it has been so significant and lasting is because they taught me not only through verbal communication, but through actual example. I have learned, loved and practiced hands on, right by their sides.


2 thoughts on “Tearless Tuesday

    Ian Fourie said:
    August 12, 2015 at 3:32 pm

    That will be a grand send off indeed.


    linda govatos said:
    August 12, 2015 at 4:49 pm

    The funeral sounds perfect for him. You can be sure that Jan will be watching and smiling!!


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