Day: August 13, 2015

Daddy’s viewing

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It’s been a busy day, nonstop day.

This morning we helped clean around the house and then I went with the guys to the funeral home to dress our sweet Dad. I was afraid that seeing him again would be emotional for me, but instead I was filled with peace and overwhelming love and gratitude for him, for his life and all that he has taught me.

The creatures texted me from Panama and were quite put out, saying  ‘a bird had had diarrhea all over the boat!’ It made me laugh.  Thank goodness it rains so heavily every day!


After that Danny, Jan and I ran into town so Danny could get a haircut while I took Jan to the doctor. Danny picked up the Harley he will be riding in the funeral procession tomorrow.

IMG_1425        IMG_1426

We hurried home and got ready for the viewing, then went to the funeral home to spend time with daddy before everyone arrived. The room was filled with flowers, including a big orange bouquet from the Harley Davidson store, and a bouquet from the Idaho HOG association, from which a bell was hanging – just like the one the riders hang from their bikes.


Our Dear friends and many of Daddy’s coworkers had sent flowers too. The one we ordered as a family for the casket was bright and beautiful just like we’d requested.

IMG_1429     IMG_1428

It had the Harley logo in it that belongs to Daddy, ‘Live to ride, ride to live.’


Our time with him was so special and we felt him so close.  So many people came to pay their respects, expressing their love and respect for him, telling countless stories of how greatly he has changed their lives for good. I am so proud to be my dad’s daughter. He is my hero.